Cache Valley is home to Utah State University and sits nestled in the Rocky Mountains in the most northern part of the State of Utah. Many people are attracted for the first time to the area because of its natural beauty, however, most stay because of the kind, warm people that live in this place--ranked as one of America's safest communities and best places to raise a family.

Our selected homestay families generally live in large homes, have a genuine focus on family activities, and enjoy learning about other cultures. Students are welcome and encouraged to participate with the homestay family just as if he or she was one of their own children.

Of course, the natural beauty of the area is an enjoyable place to spend all four seasons of the year. Some of the most popular and easily accessible outdoor activities people enjoy are hiking, fishing, snow sports, mountain climbing, swimming, canoeing, boating, camping, soccer, tennis, and golf.

Performing arts and fine arts are also quite popular and very affordable. Most of our students enjoy attending the many fun events happening at Utah State University and those hosted by the Korean Student Association.

While there is more than enough to explore right here locally, it is fun to get away from time to time and see new places. Nearby travel destinations are the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Redwood National Park, Disneyland, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, the Oregon Coast, Vancouver, Seattle, and the beaches of Southern California.