Michael has a Master's degree in English from Utah State University and a bachelors in English from University of Utah.

Michael's specialty is SAT preparation in the areas of English composition, comprehension, and critical reasoning.

Michael has loved writing, composition, and literature hidentire life and enjoys passing this along to others. He believes in the power of words and communication and that properly understanding how to write and communicate are invaluable skills.

Michael has a variety of teaching experience. He taught for three years as a Graduate Instructor and Concurrent Enrollment Instructor for Utah State University, and has been tutoring for six years: three at the college level and three at the high school level. As a teacher and a tutor Michael strives to personalize the experience for each client to help them find the best ways to express themselves.

Michael enjoys helping his clients find and appreciate the subtleties of language by taking a close look at their work to demonstrate how language works and why it is important to properly convey one’s ideas.