Prabhu holds a PhD from India University in Delhi, India.

Prabhu has over 18 years’ experience in synthetic organic chemistry; including medicinal chemistry, material chemistry, self-assembly, catalysis and process chemistry. His specific areas of expertise include synthesis and characterization of porphyrins, phthalocyanines, corroles, terpyridines and their metal complexes.

Prabhu has initiated and managed collaborative research in both academia and industries. He has published 24 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals including "Science", 2 review articles including one in "Chemical Reviews" and 1 book chapter in Elsevier. He has been awarded 4 US, 12 PCT, European and other patents.

Prabhu specialize in organic synthesis, scientific writing and editing. He has written work-plans for applying SBIR grants.

Prabhu has a unique perspective when it comes to SAT preparation--he has prepared 200 questions for a chemistry website and prepared test questions for MCAT.

Prabhu's ability to explain very simply the most complex subject matter is astonishing.